I like creating user interfaces.

My Portfolio

a screenshot from the Progressive Massachusetts Legislator Scorecard

Progressive Massachusetts Legislator Scorecard

Skills used: React, Node, UX Design

Description: I created an interface for legislator information collected by a local political organization.

the new ADS search results page

Redesigning the NASA/Astrophysics Data System

Skills used: BackboneJS, UX Design, accessibility

Description: I reimplemented the NASA/ADS interface to provide a better user experience.

a screenshot from the Reaction GIF Generator

Reaction GIF Generator

Skills used: Vue, Node

Description: I built an app that finds reaction gifs based on your selfies. It got featured on Mashable.

a screenshot from the Let's Do Dinner app showing a list of restaurants

Let's Do Dinner

Skills used: user testing, React, Node

Description: A realtime, cooperative restaurant-picking web app that I built and user-tested.

letters with different colors

Synesthesia Simulation

Skills used: CSS

Description: A small interactive demonstration of grapheme synesthesia.

A circular network visualization of author connections.

ADS Author Networks

Skills used: D3, BackboneJS, Python, DataViz

Description: I created bibliometric network visualizations for the Astrophysics Data System.

map visualization

Mapping ADS Usage

Skills used: Python, D3, DataViz

Description: Visualizations to highlight the NASA/Astrophysics Data System's role in the worldwide astronomy community.

the new ADS metrics page with three bar charts and one line chart

ADS Metrics Page Redesign

Skills used: BackboneJS, D3, DataViz

Description: I rebuilt the ADS metrics page to aid comprehension.